Jom Makan at QUIVO Vol. 2


The Jom Makan feast at QUIVO is back, now better than ever! To start, tantalise your tastebuds with the Buka Platter of deep fried pakora,  minced prawn dumplings and juicy murtabak sandwich served with homemade Mediterranean salsa, hummus, chilli paste and yam crackers.  For the mains, choose from three mouthwatering selections: Mediterranean Lamb, Butter Prawn Risotto or Beef Rendang Pizza. Wash it down with two special drinks, the Soya Gula Melaka or the Winter Melon Surprise and end your satisfying meal on a sweet note with the Gula Melaka Drop Cake in banana leaf.

The Jom Makan menu is available throughout the month of Ramadan. Call +603 2141 7711 to make your reservation and share your moments on social media with #quivo and #quivomoments.

Quivo Ramadan Menu

Quivo Dessert Mania


We know you love desserts! Honestly, who doesn’t? Make your way to QUIVO and indulge in an array of new treats that are sure to excite the palate.


Chocolate lovers, choose from the Quivo Tower, a chocolate sponge cake with gooey chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream tower, or the Caramel Snickers Cake, which is chocolate sponge and caramel chocolate buttercream sprinkled with Snickers dust and caramelised nuts. There’s also the Oreo Sleeping Beauty, where Oreo-infused buttercream and Oreo chunks sandwich tiers of fluffy chocolate cake, and the Quarter Pounder Cookie, a weight watcher’s arch nemesis made up of chocolate chip cookies with handmade marshmallow, milk chocolate and a crown of vanilla ice cream.


If you’re one for fruity flavours in your dessert, you won’t go wrong with the Apple Cinnamon Cake or the Lemon Blueberry Cake. Hankering for something fancier? The Mirror Mirror on my Plate won’t disappoint — glazed almond sponge is filled with whipped vanilla ganache and raspberry jelly.


A classic with a twist is the Almond Granola Cheesecake, and if you’re feeling indulgent, you’d want to try the OTT Freakshake. This frothy vanilla ice cream concoction is topped with Kit Kat, Oreos, pretzels and fresh whipped cream.

Love what you see? Pick your favourite and share with us on Instagram with the hashtags #quivo #quivomoments.

Make a reservation now at or call +603 2141 7711.

QUIVO Christmas Masquerade



A world of indulgence, enchantment and intrigue awaits at QUIVO. Get ready to be dazzled by the Christmas cheer and enigmatic atmosphere as the festive table is served with scrumptious dishes reminiscing the holiday spirit.

Set the mood for holiday feast with an impressive starter, the Venetian Greens – a Mediterranean salad with quinoa, quail egg, Brussels sprouts with a drizzle of sweet lime dressing. The Christmas menu features heartwarming mains, such as the Enchanted, an oven-roasted turkey breast with chestnut stuffing served with Brussels sprouts salad and cranberry reduction. Go big or go home with Carnival King, a grilled beef medallion and half lobster Thermidor combo served with vegetable and porcini sauce.

Raise a toast to Christmas with an array of unique in-house concoctions by QUIVO mixologists, such as the Sparkly Sangria, Gingerbread Martini and Russian Celebration, or ramp up the cheer with a glass (or two) of warm mulled wine, a must-have during the festive season.

Feast all senses throughout the merry month as the Christmas menu is available now to December 31st. Call +603 2141 7711 to make a reservation and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at QUIVO! Click Here

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