Did someone say TRUFFLE?

For those who love the earthy aroma and taste of truffles, you are in for a treat! QUIVO just put out three new dishes to satisfy those truffle cravings. Get ready to be blown away by the Double Truffle Fries loaded with a heap of Parmesan and look out for Deep Fried Mushrooms served with truffle aioli. Taking pizzas to the next level, The Truffle is an indulgent blend of black truffle and mushrooms, glazed with truffle oil. Wait no more and see you at your next truffle adventure at QUIVO!

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Iced tea doesn’t have to be boring or ordinary. Discover our iced tea and lemonade selection that will quench your thirst and keep you cool.

Not feeling the Classic Iced Lemon Tea? Opt for the Passion Fruit Iced Tea or the Peach Fruit Iced Tea. Still not feelin’ it? Mixed Fruit Iced Tea it is!

Our homemade lemonades come with infusions- Elderflower, Lemongrass or Strawberry.  Take your pick.

Join us at lunch and enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 Iced Teas or Lemonades daily from 12pm – 3pm.

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Who doesn’t love sweets? Isn’t it universal truth that all humans have a natural affinity for desserts? Well, we’d like to think so and we’d like to make your afternoons sweeter… one day at a time. Swing by QUIVO for a mid-afternoon treat and enjoy 30% off our lovely cakes, pies, pastries. If you can find it in the dessert trolley, it’s yours for 30% off from 3pm – 5pm daily. #quivo #quivomoments

QUIVO’s White Christmas

The glistening of sunlight on icy tree branches, waking up to a world shimmering with snow. Experience the true holiday spirit amid a wonderland of white at QUIVO.

Indulge in a classic crab cake deep-fried to a crispy golden brown, drizzled with remoulade accompanied by a warm kale salad tower that will surely tickle your fancy. For a dish with a hint of mischief, take on The Grinch – juicy lamb racks with a herb and pistachio crust atop a Provolone risotto cake and rich saffron béarnaise sauce. Rudolph’s Favourite is a gift in itself- red fish fillet wrapped in a vegetable herb broth and topped with tangy green salsa.

Spread the holiday cheer with a variety of Christmas cocktails that are specially paired with Bollinger Champagne. A sip on Bubbly Cookies topped with Oreo crumbs, and Elf’s Dream, a perfect blend of Gin and Midori- all promise a reach for a second helping.

Come and toast to the whole merry month as the Christmas menu is available from December 1st to 31st.


Call +603 2141 7711 to make a reservation and celebrate the most magical time of the year at QUIVO!